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Reststück Bündeli - Diverse Baumwollstoffe

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Produktnummer: SW13953
Hersteller: Ying Design

Produktinformationen "Reststück Bündeli - Diverse Baumwollstoffe"

Reststück Bündeli mit Diversen Baumwoll Stoffen

- 8oz Sanded Twill Canopy 65cm
- Jeans 34cm
- Canvas Grau 57cm
- Gabardine 57cm

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Hersteller "Ying Design"

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Reststück Bündeli - 8oz Organic Cotton Twill
Reststück Bündeli mit 8oz Organic Cotton Twill von Merchant&Mills- Khaki 50cm- Blau 60cm- Sand 68cm- Braun 72cm

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Reststück Bündeli - Tencel Interlock, Jacquard
Reststück Bündeli mit Tencel Interlock und Jacquard- Interlock Dark Navy 35cm- Interlock Petrol 40cm- Interlock Creme 55cm- Element Jacquard Schwarz / Grau 60cm

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TAUKO - Issue 9 - Blue - Sewing, Culture, Community
TAUKO Magazine No. 9 is dedicated to the colour blue! The colour of the sky, seas and lakes has inspired a series of nine different sewing patterns by international designers. Serenity and tranquillity are very much in evidence in these designs, which include dresses, casual trousers, blouses and trench coats against the cold winter blasts. The size- and gender-inclusive designs also make great handmade gifts for loved ones! Artists and researchers talk about the importance of blue in the world of textiles in a variety of articles, providing plenty to read into the dark evenings. The issue includes paper patterns and step-by-step instructions for all the designs featured, which come in 9 sizes from 31"/78 cm bust to 57.5"/146 cm.TAUKO Magazine is an award winning independent print publication for home sewists around the world. The vast horizon of crafts, culture and climate is featured in sewing patterns, interviews, columns, articles, tips and recommendations by international contributors.FORMATTAUKO is a 128-page collectable that measures in at 275mm high x 215mm wide. There are fourfolded paper pattern sheets included with the magazine. It is printed in Estonia with a glue and stitchbinding to secure durability and easy reading.DESIGNERSMila Moisio, Terhi Ruutu, Emily Klug, Natascha Chambers, Jenny Hassler, Robyn Andrea Burgess,Elina Vuorema, Liz HaywoodArticles, essays and columns:A World of BlueWords by Karin AltmannPhotography by Julia Wesely and Karin AltmannMaking story, Rebellious OPTIMATIUMWords, photography, and illustrations by Liz HaywoodObserving BlueWords by Aoi YoshizawaPhotography by Elis HannikainenBook ReviewsWords by Mila MoisioPhotography by Laura OjaCraft Letters: From Melbourne with LoveWords and photography by Lilli HingeeWatercolour on CanvasMila Moisio in Conversation with Naomi Ito

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Reststück Bündeli - Modal und Viskose blau / weiss
Reststück Bündeli mit Modal und Viskose Stoffen in den Farben Blau / weiss- Blätter 50cm- Dobby Off White 43cm- Modal Streifen 97cm

32,50 CHF* 46,45 CHF*

20 %
TAUKO - Issue 8 - Travel - Sewing, Culture, Community
TAUKO Magazine's "Travel" issue inspires you to create your own travel wardrobe and find a responsible way of adventuring around the world! Designers from three continents have created dresses, shirts, track pants and anoraks that form the cornerstones of a self-made travel wardrobe. A total of eight different designs with numerous variations are suitable for travelling in different seasons, with a range of natural fabrics adding comfort and ease to these much-loved garments. In addition to sewing patterns and instructions, the magazine features articles and interviews on responsible and mindful travel. All patterns come in 9 sizes from bust width 31” / 78cm to 57.5” / 146cm.TAUKO Magazine is a pioneering independent print publication for home sewists around the world. The vast horizon of crafts, culture and climate is featured in sewing patterns, interviews, columns, articles, tips and recommendations by international contributors.FORMAT: TAUKO is a 128-page collectable that measures in at 275mm high x 215mm wide. There are four folded paper pattern sheets included with the magazine. It is printed in Estonia with a glue and stitch binding to secure durability and easy reading.DESIGNERSMarja Niemi, Petra Wünsche, Francesca Barbato, Tammy Silver, lina Gaviria, Isabelle levine, OdaStormoen, Shannon McCannArticles, essays and columns:Sustainable Travel with Stephanie LennoxWords by Leigh MetcalfPhotography by Stephanie LennoxLooking Back While Moving Forward: Travelling with and through GarmentsWords by Marium DurraniIllustrations by Dominique GuglieriBananas for BandanasWords by Arielle ToelkePhotography by Zachary SchulmanClothing and IdentityWords by Tara ViggoPhotography by Caylee HankinsCraft Letters: My Favourite SouvenirsWords and photography by Isabella Serrano

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Reststück Bündeli - Bio Popeline Webware gemustert
Reststück Bündeli mit Bio Baumwoll Popeline gemustert- Kacheln 71cm- Webstreifen 52cm und 63cm- Kleines Webkaro 81cm

52,10 CHF* 69,50 CHF*

30.01 %
Reststück Bündeli - Diverse Baumwollstoffe
Reststück Bündeli mit Diversen Baumwoll Stoffen- 8oz Sanded Twill Canopy 65cm- Jeans 34cm- Canvas Grau 57cm- Gabardine 57cm

50,15 CHF* 71,65 CHF*

30.04 %
Reststück Bündeli - Gemusterte Voile Stoffe
Reststück Bündeli mit gemusterten Voile Stoffen- Blumen 42cm- Nachttiere 78cm- Blumen Blau 46cm- Blumen Türkis 71cm

48,10 CHF* 68,75 CHF*

30.06 %
Reststück Bündeli - Bio Webware Uni
Reststück Bündeli mit Bio Webware Uni- Chambray Saphir 65cm- Popeline Beige 75cm- Popeline Kombu Green 54cm- Popeline grau 57cm

44,20 CHF* 63,20 CHF*

30.01 %
Reststück Bündeli - Tencel Twill
Reststück Bündeli mit Tencel Twill Stoffen- Anchor 98cm- Deep Green 77cm- Emerald 48cm- Black 54cm

56,20 CHF* 80,30 CHF*

30.63 %