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Paapii's Pattern Book for Babies (in Englisch)

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Produktnummer: SW12150
Hersteller: Paapii Design

Produktinformationen "Paapii's Pattern Book for Babies (in Englisch)"

Sew baby clothes with PaaPii's patterns!
PaaPii Design's baby clothes have given joy to our customers and now you can sew adorable clothes yourself with PaaPii's own patterns.

Like the two previous pattern books, this third one also has detailed instructions with pictures.

The book includes a wide collection of patterns for elastic fabrics (jersey, sweatshirt knit). Altogether you will get 20 patterns on two pattern sheets. There are patterns for all indoor clothing a baby needs, for example onesies, trousers and overalls in sizes 44-92 cm.

Along with the baby clothes there is a pattern for a soft toy and two patterns for women's clothes: a nursing tunic and maternity leggings in sizes 2XS-4XL.PaaPii's Pattern Book for Babies (in English) is a versatile pattern book that gives advice and inspiration for all handicraft makers, no matter if you are a beginner or an experienced seamstress.

Writers: Anniina Isokangas & Paula Isopahkala

Publisher: PaaPii Design Oy
Publication date: July 2021 (rigid binding)
Photographer: Anniina Isokangas
Graphic designer: Agnieszka Wajda-Hänninen
Category: Nonfiction, handicraft
Pages: 144
Language: English
Library category: 65.42
ISBN: 978-952-69741-0-1
Copyright: PaaPii Design Oy 

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Hersteller "Paapii Design"