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Sashiko DIY Kit L - Das grosse Sashiko Stickerei Set

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Hersteller: Ying Design

Produktinformationen "Sashiko DIY Kit L - Das grosse Sashiko Stickerei Set"

Sashiko DIY Kit L
Dieses Sashiko Set beinhaltet alles was du brauchst, damit du mit Sashiko Stickerei beginnen kannst.

1 Päckchen Sashiko Nadeln (4 Nadeln in unterschiedlichen Grössen)
3 x Traumhandtuch (Grösse: ca. 31 x 31 cm)
2 x Sashiko Stoff (Grösse: HxB= 50 x 108cm)
7 x passende Sashiko Faden

Alles Sashiko Material beziehen wir direkt aus Japan von einem Sashiko Traditionsbetrieb der Sashiko Produkte seit 1901 in traditionellen Verfahren herstellt.

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Hersteller "Ying Design"

Sashiko Bücher

The Ultimate Kogin Collection - Projects and patterns for counted sashiko embroidery - Susan Briscoe
Discover the beautiful Japanese pattern darning technique kogin and how it can be used to create stunning stitched and quilted projects. Briscoe has compiled a collection of over 60 pattern charts and 12 accompanying projects to create The Ultimate Kogin Collection.Sprache: Englisch

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Sashiko 365 - Stitch a new sashiko embroidery pattern every day of the year - Susan Briscoe
A collection of 365 different sashiko patterns to sew - one for every day of the year.Sashiko sewing expert, Susan Briscoe, demonstrates 365 different sashiko patterns, one for each day of the year - sew all 365 to make a beautiful sashiko quilt featuring all the designsEach sashiko pattern is stitched onto a four-and-a-half-inch square piece of fabric making it very accessible to sew one swatch every day. You can record the date of each sample you stitch in the book to create a record of your sewing.All of the stitch patterns are illustrated with a photograph of the stitched sample showing some stitches in different coloured thread (this is used by the author to identify which stitches to do first), next to a diagram showing the stitch direction and the order of the stitches on the grid. All the patterns are sewn on four-and-a-half-inch fabric swatches which can then be pieced together to create the ultimate double bed sized sashiko sampler quilt. But as well as sewing the samples separately to make them into a large bed-sized quilt, the patterns can also be repeated to create larger designs over a wider surface area to make wall hangings, throws, table mats and smaller quilts - with this collection of 365 designs the possibilities are endless.Sashiko embroidery is a decorative sewing technique from Japan which was traditionally used to reinforce clothing and other textiles. It is an ideal stitch for visible mending and has become incredibly popular over the last few years. The technique of sewing horizontal and vertical stitches makes extremely attractive geometric designs that can be adapted to suit a wide range of sewing projects.Susan Briscoe is an expert in Japanese sewing techniques and has travelled to Japan numerous times. She is the author of the best-selling Ultimate Sashiko Sourcebook and runs regular workshops teaching sashiko sewing. This is the first time all of these 365 designs will appear in one book. Susan has included the Japanese name and pattern type in the text and has grouped specific design patterns together so you can see how they develop and use the collection to build your skills and knowledge of sashiko patterns.Sprache: Englisch

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Resilient Stitch - Wellbeing and Connection in Textile Art - Claire Wellesley-Smith
Following on from her textile hit Slow Stitch, author Claire Wellesley-Smith considers the importance of connection and ideas around wellbeing when using textiles for individuals and communities, including practical ideas around ''thinking-through-making'', using ''resonant'' materials and extending the life of pieces using traditional and non-traditional methods. Contemporary textile artists using these themes in their work feature alongside personal work from Claire and examples from community-based textile projects. The book features some of the very best textile artists around, esteemed American fiber artists and the doyenne of textiles, Alice Kettle.Resilient fabrics that can be manipulated, stressed, withstand tension and be made anew are recommended throughout the book, as well as techniques such as layering, patching, reinforcing, re-stitching and mending, plus ideas for the inclusion of everyday materials in your work. There''s an exploration of ways to link your emotional health with your textile practice, and ''Community'' suggests ways to make connections with others in your regular textile work. ''Landscape'' has a range of suggestions and examples of immersing your work in the local landscape, a terrific way to find meaning in your work and a sense of place. Finally, there is a moving account of one textile community''s creative response to the 2020 coronavirus pandemic.The connection between wellbeing and the creation of textiles has never been stronger, and, as a leading exponent of this campaign, Claire is the perfect author to help you find more than just a finished textile at the end of a project.

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Sashiko - 20 Projects using traditional Japanese Stitching - Jill Clay
"Learn the stunning art of sashiko stitching with this comprehensive guide that's packed with inspirational ideas. 20 appealing projects including brooches, greetings cards, notebook covers, bedding, a door curtain and wall-hanging. Includes a Pattern Library with an array of traditional sashiko patterns to create your own unique designs and projects." --Jill Clay worked as a silk artist and taught adult education including City and Guild Textiles for many years. She started a tour company, Festival of Japan, with a special focus on textiles. Sashiko stitching now remains her favorite pastime. Jill lives in Richmond, North Yorkshire, UK.

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Japanese Sashiko Inspirations - 25 Ways to explore a traditional technique - Susan Briscoe
Capture the essence of Japanese design with sashiko, the traditional technique of using decorative stitching to create striking patterns on fabric with lines of simple running stitchExperiment with 12 essential sashiko techniques - each chapter includes a small starter project, ideal for beginners, then a more intricate design to perfect new skillsDiscover all you need to know about threads, fabrics, and techniques, with a look into the history of sashiko. Achieve beautiful and creative results by combining modern materials with Japan's rich textile heritageBe inspired by the traditional Japanese pieces that influenced the 25 stylish projectsSusan Briscoe was first introduced to sashiko in the early 1990's while teaching English in northern Japan. Her sashiko designs have been published in popular magazines includingPopular Patchwork,Patchwork and Quilting andFabrications. This is her fourth title from D&C.

29,90 CHF*

Simple Sashiko - 8 Sashiko Sewing Projects for the modern Home - Susan Briscoe
Traditional Japanese embroidery technique, sashiko, is currently a major sewing trend in craft, interior design and fashion. The big stitches are used to create stunning, geometric patterns and texture to make home wares with a stylish, Japanese minimalist look.This collection of 8 simple sashiko patterns allows you try the technique yourself--projects include a tote bag, greetings cards, cushion, table mats, coaster, pocket hanging, a long sampler and Ranru hanging.Susan Briscoe is a leading expert in this traditional Japanese sewing technique, having first been introduced to sashiko in the early 1990s while teaching English in northern Japan.Susan Briscoe is a leading expert in the traditional Japanese sewing technique, Sashiko. She was first introduced to sashiko in the early 1990s while teaching English in northern Japan where she learned the technique and studied the history of patchwork and quilting. Susan has published numerous patchwork and quilting books and her quilt designs have been published in quilting magazines, including Popular Patchwork and Quilting and Fabrications.Einband: TaschenbuchErscheinungsdatum: 01.02.2016Verlag: David and Charles PlcSeitenzahl: 48Maße (L/B/H): 26.1/19.2/0.7 cmGewicht: 172 gSprache: EnglischISBN: 978-1-4463-0632-1

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Modern Kogin - Simple & Stylisch Sashiko Embroidery Projects - Boutique-Sha
From the leading Japanese craft and lifestyle publisher Boutique-Sha, twenty-five projects applying the kogin embroidery technique, bringing about simple and attractive geometric patterns.Einband: TaschenbuchErscheinungsdatum: 22.04.2020Verlag: Search PressSeitenzahl: 112Maße (L/B/H): 25.8/20.4/1 cmGewicht: 428 gSprache: EnglischISBN: 978-1-78221-894-4

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The Book of Boro - Techniques and Patterns inspired by traditional japanese Textiles - Susan Briscoe
Boro is the ultimate slow stitching technique. This collection explores the history of Japanese textile technique boro, and its relevance to the contemporary sewer looking for sustainable sewing techniques.

27,90 CHF*

Japanisches Bastelbuch - 10 Sashiko Küchentücher Designs und Muster

32,00 CHF*

Sashiko in Farbe - Japanisch Sticken
Sashiko in Farbe - Japanisch Sticken aus der Boutique Sha Edition - übersetzt auf DeutschDer perfekte Einstieg in die japanische Sticktechnik: im Original in Japan erschienen.Eine angesagte traditionelle Sticktechnik, jetzt auch mit dekorativen Farbvariationen.19 Projekte mit detaillierten Anleitungen – von praktischen Alltagstextilien bis zu stylischen Taschen.Stickbegeisterte erkunden mit diesem Buch die japanische Technik «Sashiko» und lernen verschiedene Stickmuster, die auf jedes eigene Projekt angewendet werden können.Das traditionelle indigoblaue und weiße Sashiko wird hier farbenfroh: Die 19 vorgestellten Projekte stellen verschiedenste Farbvariationen vor, sowohl der Fäden als auch der Hintergrundoberflächen. So entstehen individuelle Accessoires in faszinierender Optik: von Knöpfen und Nadelkissen über Untersetzer und Handtücher bis hin zu Clipbörsen und Necessaires. Wunderschöne japanische Fotografien der ästhetischen Objekte und bebilderte Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitungen schaffen einen leichten Einstieg in diese Technik.

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